Rhufaada, 27 Westfield Terrace

At the end of Westfield Terrace is Rhufaada which was built around 1910 for Robert Chalmers, a mill manager in Dundee. The designer of Rhufaada was a London based architect who was heavily influenced by the American Arts and Crafts movement. This explains the house’s semi open-plan layout with its central hallway.

Rhufaada’s beautifully laid-out garden

From the 1920s until at least the 1990s Rhufaada was the home of the Lowson family who owned the large department store in Whitehall Crescent, Dundee.

Rhufaada’s central reception hallway in the 1990s






In the 1990s the house underwent a meticulous restoration by the owners at that time.

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  • By Mairi Shiels (11 October 2023)
  • My great-grandfather was Robert Chalmers. His son William Chalmers, my grandfather continued to run the branch of the business in Calcutta after James his elder brother was killed in the Dardanelles. My father William Dieudonne Chalmers was born in Calcutta. We have family photos from the early 1900’s placed at Rhufaada.
    I’ve only recently investigated where it is. Thanks for the photos.

    By Jessica Chalmers (11 October 2023)

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