Newport The Burgh 2: The Provosts

Alexander Scott Provost 1887 - 1896

Alexander Scott Provost 1887 – 1896

Provost Alexander Scott….

The first provost of Newport was Provost Alexander Scott of Ashbank Villa on Tay Street, now number 68. He served as provost for three terms of office from 1887 until 1896. In recognition of this period of service, Scott Street was named in his honour and a silver rosebowl and salver were presented to him by the community. These items would be the start of an impressive collection of burgh regalia, which would include the burgh halberd and chains of office for the provost and for the two bailies. Many of these items and others are on display in the library heritage area.

…. and Others

There were 28 provosts between 1887 and 1975, most of them serving for a period of three years. To introduce a note of humour, it’s interesting to note that Provost George Rain Little in the 1930s was followed by Provost Frank Fairweather! Where else but in Newport, on the east coast of Scotland with its low rainfall, would we find this? A complete list is below. See also the separate photograph gallery of provosts.

Town Council Meeting 1971 Showing Burgh Regalia

Town Council Meeting 1971 Showing Burgh Regalia


Provost Randolph Webster's Lamp Post

Provost Randolph Webster’s Lamp Post

Lamp Posts

Ornate lamp posts were erected outside the home of the serving provost. When in office there were two lamps at his gate, and when he retired one was removed. The glass lanterns were beautifully patterned and bore the provost’s initials and the years of his term of office. The lantern was surmounted by a crown. Few of these remain in the village today. However a complete lamp standard, that of Provost Randolph Webster, can still be seen at Sandford House, and the lamp posts and lanterns minus the glass can still be seen at the entrance to the Parish Church. The last provost of the burgh, the Rev. Robert  Howieson (1974-1975) lived in the manse there. There is also a lamp post minus glass on Castle Brae, and another in the garden of Cadzow on Kirk Road.


Provost J T Young's House in Linden Avenue with Lamps

Provost J T Young’s House in Linden Avenue with Lamps

For more images relating to the Burgh, please search our archive.

Provosts of the Burgh of Newport-on-Tay

1887-96        Alexander Scott                  Ashbank Villa, 70 Tay Street
1896-99        Andrew Leitch                     Netherlea, 65 West Road
1899-02        Alexander Thomson          Ravensby, 14 Norwood
1902-05        Thomas Roger                     Snowdon, 16 Tay Terrace
1905-08        William Carswell                 Ascot, 3 Beechwood Terrace
1908-11        William Robertson             Struan Bank, 26 Birkhill Avenue, Wormit
1911-14        Robert Thomson Leitch    Hillcrest, 5 Wellpark Terrace West
1914-19        Simon Forrest                      Craigard, 108 Tay Street
1919-22        James Coutts                       Clifton, 31 Riverside Road, Wormit
1922-25        Charles William Buik         Braeknowe, 9 Wellpark Terrace West
1925-28        James Barry Robb              Whinhurst, 10 Crosshill Terrace, Wormit
1928-31        William Forrest French     Taybank, 2 Tay Street
1931-34        John Thomson Young        Linwood, 28 Linden Avenue
1934-37        George Scrymgeour          Cadzow, 14 Kirk Road
1937-40        George Rain Little               Taybank, 59 Bay Road, Wormit
1940-43        Frank Fairweather             4 Struan Place
1943-46        Kenneth C Hayens              Woodlea, 25 Westfield Terrace
1946-50        J D M Ross                            4 Hill Crescent, Wormit
1950-52        J Douglas Lawson               Balmore, Newburgh Road
1952-55        John Dunn                            Rowan Bank, 7 Riverside Road, Wormit
1955-57        Richard Lowry West          Craighead House, 94 Tay Street
1957-60        Thomas J Wishart               Fernbrae, 56 Riverside Road, Wormit
1960-63        Alex D Forrest                     Arnsheen, Westfield Terrace
1963-65        A C Newell                            18 Prospect Terrace
1965-68        William J Smith                   Westlea, 65 Bay Road, Wormit
1968-71        J Gordon Soutar                 Westcroft. 12 Kilmany Road, Wormit
1971-74        Randolph Webster             7 Woodmuir Crescent
1974-75        Robert A Howieson           The Manse, Blyth Street

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