Mars Sheds at Woodhaven Pier

Mars Sheds at Woodhaven Pier
Einar Garnes

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  • Super information Kenneth. Thank you.

    By Mairi Shiels (08 April 2021)
  • One boy is leaning on the sliding doors nearest the camera. These led, post WW2, into the premises of Mr. Pattie where he operated a repair garage for cars. The scouts used a door at the far end from this. Within the scout part of the building the assembly hall was on the ground floor and was a floored over swimming pool. There was also on this level, a gymnasium where we would hang our marquee and other tents to dry, and quite dilapidated kitchens. The Court of Honour room was also on this level. Upstairs the cubs had their meeting room and each patrol had a room of their own. The Owls, the Lions, the Eagles and, latterly, the Wolf Patrol.

    By Ken Hart (07 April 2021)

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