B L Nairn at Newport Pier

B L Nairn at Newport Pier

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  • As I recall tickets were sold on the Newport side and collected in Dundee. Tickets sold on the Dundee side were also collected there so it was possible for a boy to board in Newport sail over to Dundee and back carefully avoiding any expenditure on tickets. The B.L.Nairn was steam powered with a compound steam expansion engine on its back driving the paddles. The engine room was surrounded by windows so these beautiful engines could be observed. quite closely. Early in my youth I had decided to be a marine engineer and I used to watch the engineer at the controls reading a newspaper and nonchalantly completing the required engine movements as required. Not quite the same as deep sea sailing but fascinating to a small boy. Needless to say that the diesel powered ferries did not hold the same interest. As Kipling said ‘Predestination in the stride o’ yon connecting rods’.

    By Ken Hart (07 April 2021)

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